Professional Services

Meeting Himalayan Needs


Himalayan Waste Exchange

Showing Value in all Recyclable Waste

We provide incentives in exchange of recyclable waste. We target major hill stations to deploy Waste Exchange Centers. They act as a one stop shop to discard all your Recyclable waste.


ICT solutions

O&M Tool

An informative dashboard that not only allows us to track the efficiency of all the workers involved, but it also inculcates transparency in the system ensuring no waste that being generated goes unaccounted for.

ICT system

Waste Supply Chain Management

Real time supply chain Optimization

We provide a Robust supply chain in the Himalayas to cater to all key waste generating hilly stations. We are breaking ULBs working in silos and integrating their operations and resources

Tetra Pak- Bailed.jpeg

Ethical Sourcing of Waste

Transparency & Traceability

We source valuable Plastic with complete transparency & traceability for Brands under EPR regulations. We institutionalize informal waste worker and provide them with standard employees benefits and securities.

Green Workers

If you are a Himalayan Municipal Corporation, Urban Local Body, NGO working of waste management, Gram Panchayat or a Brand owner looking to achieve EPR targets in the Himalayas then contact us for more details about the services we offer.